Cynthia Garcia

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to apply for the Digital Marketing Specialist position at your company.

In my previous experience, I worked as the Director of Hospitality at Tirrito Farm where I was in charge of meeting with clients and planning their events as well as being the middleman to our kitchen for catering. I was also responsible for booking bands for our Live Music and was the contact person for those bands. Furthermore, I made schedules for my hospitality employees and helped with administrative duties such as making contracts, menus, and other pages in Google Docs almost daily. I also made spreadsheets for some inventories. I ordered supplies for my departments an our AirBnB suites. I did marketing and advertising for Tirrito Farm by making posts and posting to our Facebook and Instagram accounts. I also was my boss’s “assistant” when she wasn’t around which included giving checks, making key cards, doing inventory, working on the online store, etc.My experience at Tirrito Farm has developed my problem solving skills as well as my ability to work independently.
I just finished my degree at New Mexico State University where I am studying Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management with minors in Marketing, Business Administration, and advertising.